Restart 2010

Following some minor works to fix baseboard track connections and replace some detail accidentally biffed during works on Glenburn, track cleaned, power turned on and services return to Cudgewa. Here's the first train, almost 2 years to the day since the last service. - those wagons have sat in the yard a long time! More details under "Operations".


Mitchell Kruik said...

wow, i saw this railway back in 2002 and its ideaology still astounds me. if i had the money and the time, i would honestly do some of southern victoria.

thanks for the inspiration :)

Andrew Collier said...

G'day Mitchell,

Thanks for your kind comments. Even though I am now full time on "Glenburn", "Cudgewa" still gets a run every now and again & I have set the layout room up to keep the layout and hopefully sometime in the future extend her a bit.

Cheers, Andrew