December 2007 - Through Koetong toward Tallangatta

These two pictures show recent works on the new section, that above, the "bridge" across the doorway which connects Shelley (lower right) with the line down to Tallangatta. Where the "bridge" lands on the far side will be a minor representation of Koetong, and the junction for Snowy Mountain Railways. A few points: track on the "bridge" (particularly the curve) is set-track as it is fundamental it retains its shape, and this section is fixed in place and will be cut-through (and made removable) once the track has been fixed.

Here's the next section. To build the curving 1 in 30 downgrade I drew it out on paper, cut it out and used this cut-out as a template for jigging it out of 9mm marine play. As 9mm ply is so strong (relative to the weight of the trains that will run over it), I have only placed supports every 30cm, as such each support is 1cm lower than the other which makes the 1 in 30 grade. The missing one in the photo above will be placed under the trestle once built. The track bed is only approx. 50mm wide - enough for the trackbed, allowing scenery to be built to any dimension either side of the per way. I have drawn out the approximate dimensions of the trestle and placed it in it's approximate position to test whether it fits the location. This trestle will be a close, but not exact copy, of the lower of the two Darbyshire trestles between Bullioh and Darbyshire. A photo I took some time ago of this trestle is below.

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