November 2007 - Extension work begins...

Here's the early draft extension plan - draught, as plans generally change a bit when building actually begins. The key features are the doorway crossing (top left), grade down to Tallangatta, fiddle yard, connection to Cudgewa to form a continuous loop, and allowance for a future "Snowy Mountain Railways" (the line running along the left and base wall). The yard in the centre of the room was just drawn as a "what if" and won't be built, but a siding may be provided to allow for future extension.

This view from the door shows the baseboards and the usual planning suspects - tape measure, pencil, rulers, track (including fixed section curves for planning curves). I draw it out on paper (in this case old Christmas paper - cheap and easy to use). No, I don't smoke, but in the fine traditions of modelling eccentricities I do like to chew on it when planning!

A very basic planning trick - this photo shows (below the blur) various heights which helps visualise where the track is and the relativity of scenery sections.

Another basic planning trick is laying out the largest train likely to use the section - this helps visualise the scene/scale and also ensures (as in this case at Tallangatta-to-be) that crossing loops are long enough.

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