June 2006 - Extended alignment at Dn end of Beetoomba baseboard

My new digs have allowed an increase in length to one side of the layout which I have used to extend the approach to Cudgewa yard, and provide the Snowy Scheme Oil Road. To direct the track onto the extension I have re-aligned the track at the Dn end of the Beetoomba baseboard (the red line shows the projected run in the "before" photo, the indoor photo is "after" - apologies for the dark indoor shot, we've had quite a bit of rain in Sydney lately!). The old formation is now a farm track with a rather solid bridge that looks suspiciously VR. Also included is a shot of the "non-beauty/honest/backscene" side of the new Wabba Ck trestle to show its' foundation and the scenery method employed (trackbed on marine ply with cedar risers, polystyrene scenery former, with plaster and scenic material on top) which I've found useful for small steep sections such as the river valley here.

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Peter J. Vincent said...
excellent effort and great concept for the whole modelling effort. I look forward to more.

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